What is the Process for Soft Washing my Home?

At Window Cleaning and More, we pride ourselves on outstanding service and strive to pass on as much knowledge to our customers as possible. Included in this article are the simple steps to the process that will prove your siding is handled with care.

Stains can appear from many different sources but most commonly include green algae or black mold. Both are living organisms that will result in spreading throughout your siding and furthermore leave damage. Other reasons for siding cleaning include, but are not limited to, spider webs, cob webs, rust stains, and calcium deposits from stone.

Why should I clean my siding?

  • The overall look of your home is affected and your paint is being damaged.
  • Often times, homeowners think they need to repaint and put it off, when really a thorough soft wash cleaning is all that is necessary.
  • The longer things sit on your siding, the more potential there is for it to settle in behind the paint, therefore leading to repainting becoming necessary.
  • Even things as simple as a bird making a mess on the side of your home will lead to acids settling in behind the paint. This means that even when that mess is removed, the stain may still be there.

What is low pressure?

The amount of pressure that will be used can be compared to that of a garden hose, however we can stream water upwards of 50’ covering all areas of your home.

Our House Washing Process

  • Your siding will first be assessed as to what the stains are.
  • The technician in some cases will pretreat with fresh water.
  • Cleaning agent will be applied.
  • The cleaning agent will then be left to dwell for a period of time based upon the condition of the siding (usually 5-30 minutes).
  • The siding will then be rinsed with low pressure again, thoroughly with fresh water, and the process may be repeated as necessary.
  • Any problem areas or stains that cannot be removed will be communicated and explained to the best of the technician’s knowledge.
  • The outside face of gutters and chimneys can be included in the soft wash of the home for an additional charge discussed during the bid process.

Will my paint chip away?

The integrity of the paint is determined based upon each individual job and this topic will be discussed before starting. However, if paint begins to chip in any area, the homeowner will be notified before the technician continues.

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