3 Biggest Threats to Your PNW Siding

There’s a lot of pride amongst the people who call the Pacific Northwest home – and we can completely relate. However, some of the things that we love about the upper left can actually take a significant toll on our property.

When we’re visiting clients to apply a pressure washing or soft washing treatment, we tend to notice the same issues. Generally, homes in Washington are impacted by a few core problems, which can hurt your siding quality:

  • Moisture
    The Puget Sound area has that moist, temperate climate that can get under your home’s skin – literally. If moisture accumulates and doesn’t dry out, it can become trapped under your siding lining and cultivate a home for mildew, algae, and mold.
  • Mold
    Composite, vinyl, cedar shake, and wood siding get subtle black dots across the surface. Over time, these subtle spots grow into black streaks. It’s an ugly issue, but a no-pressure washing service provides a speedy solution.
  • Weather
    When you’re working against variable weather, it’s especially important to keep your siding well-maintained. This protects its quality and your curb appeal.

With the help of a qualified Pacific Northwest pressure washing service, your home will look beautiful, rain or shine.

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