Providing Professional Pressure Washing Services

Every great property starts with curb appeal. But the team at Window Cleaning & More doesn’t consider curb appeal to simply be a first impression. It’s a property that is authentically clean, sanitary, and safe – and it’s a property where all of these benefits last.

Why Pressure Washing?

Your exterior property is dealing with constant exposure to elements that hurt curb appeal: From nature to human impact, the results show. Vehicles deposit grease, oil, and other fluids onto your concrete, and people make their mark with everything from dirty footprints to chewing gum.

There’s also organic wear and tear to consider. Any property in Washington knows a thing to two about mold. Although the fungus can survive in even the most hostile environment, it thrives in the moist, wet Pacific Northwest climate. This has serious implications for your business or home. So doesn’t it make sense that such a stubborn and resilient issue needs a unique solution?

Our pressure washing services offer an effective way to reclaim quality for your property. With our experts on the job, customers have confidence that they’re getting:

  • Slip and fall prevention
  • Mold remediation
  • Durable surface quality
  • Long-term curb appeal

Pressure Washing Success

Window Cleaning & More delivers pressure washing solutions for all of our commercial and residential customers. We customize our service to meet the unique needs of your property, and are committed to delivering an approach that is as safe as it is effective. Customers count on us for:

  • Driveway cleaning
  • Walkway and sidewalk cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Commercial entryway cleaning
  • Parking lot cleaning

Pressure washing is the approach we adopt for concrete cleaning. This method pairs professional pressure washing equipment with a cleaning agent that removes everything from chewing gum to oil stains to mold. It’s the only way to restore your driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, and garage to “just like new.”

Our method always includes:
  • Leading technology that can tackle stains, buildup, and any of the other elements that are hurting your curb appeal
  • Special cleaners that lift debris and restore the bright, clean quality to your surfaces
  • Environmental responsibility that expands from our cleaners to our practices to deliver great results… Without making a negative impact on the planet

Your Professional Pressure Washing Contractor

We care about having positive, long-term relationships with our customers. Our pressure washing services are all built on trust, attention-to-detail, and quality – and we strive to bring the best benefits to your property.

When you choose Window Cleaning & More, you’re getting a pressure washing service that includes:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction:If you aren’t happy with the quality of our work, you don’t have to pay until we make it right.
  • More than 15 years of experience: We couldn’t be happier to be closing in on two decades of doing what we love. With extensive industry expertise and constant professional development, we make sure that you’re always receiving the best service.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Our team brings the most modern equipment and cleaning detergents and the most modern techniques to your property.
  • Complete coverage: With a $2 million insurance policy, our customers have confidence that they’re always covered.

Value and quality are two of the qualities that drive our work. We want your service to be the very best – and we think that you should get it at a reasonable cost. Our team will work with you to create a commercial or residential pressure washing plan that meets the needs of your property.

The Pressure Washing Difference

When it comes to our pressure washing service, we expect our customers to have the highest standards. Our modern technology, honed power washing techniques, and focus on the details ensures that your property gets the full potential of our service.

Realtors continue to vote a favorable first impression as the number one indicator of a successful property sale, and business researchers second these findings: Curb appeal is one of the biggest magnets to draw new clientele.

From authentic curb appeal to better durability to safety enhancements, properties that receive regular pressure washing services with Window Cleaning & More can feel confident that they’re getting the most out of their home or business.

At Window Cleaning & More, we care about the long-term curb appeal and quality of your property. Get your pressure washing solution with the help of our experts today and request your FREE estimate.