The crew arrived right on time, they were courteous, they did a great job bringing the deck and the stone tiles back to life! I will never battle with the deck and the tiles on my own again. It was money well spent, giving myself back days of time and saving my back from aching for weeks!

Your Professional Pressure Washing Contractor

What good are picture-perfect windows if they reflect black, dirty concrete or are framed by green mold on your siding? At Window Cleaning & More, we deliver the full solution to our customers. And for us, window cleaning is just the beginning.

Pressure Wash for Success

Every residential and commercial property is different. Yet they all grapple with the same issues. The Puget Sound is a beautiful and unique place to live and work, but its climate takes its toll on your home or business. Without professional care, mold, mildew, and dirt wins. We provide the alternative.

Pressure washing is the only way to effectively restore your concrete and exterior surfaces. To neglect this service doesn’t just bring your own property down… It affects the surrounding area.

Take the black stains that you commonly see on concrete. That’s actually a strain of mold that is unique to the Pacific Northwest. If it isn’t removed via pressure washing, every vehicle and car that traverses over the affected area brings the problem with them. The results aren’t just an eyesore. It’s a health risk.

Window Cleaning & More is proud to offer our community an affordable, safe alternative. And our alternative is pressure washing.

Regular Cleaning Saves Time & Headaches

Having your home or business property regularly pressure washed is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the overall curb appeal and sanitation of your home or business. Window Cleaning & More is committed to eliminating dirt, molds and other contaminants that accumulate, so you’re left with the picture-perfect result.

Rust Stain Removal

Rust stains are notoriously stubborn and ugly. Pressure Cleaning & More can expertly remove even the toughest rust stains from aggregate surfaces, vinyl siding, windows, and brick. If you have stains from a metal object, battery acid, or landscaping fertilizer, we can help! We use a commercial grade product called F9 that, when professionally applied, can zap away the most stubborn rust stains.

Window Cleaning & More believes in delivering safe, effective, and affordable solutions to our Pacific Northwest customers. Experience the new horizon of customer satisfaction and get your free estimate today!

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