Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximize your clean energy intake with support from Window Cleaning & More. Our technicians deliver solar panel cleaning solutions that keep your grid working at optimal efficiency.

Protection for Your Clean Energy Source

It’s an exciting time to invest in solar energy. Thanks to big strides in technology, solar panels now have the potential to bring clean, affordable energy to homes throughout the Puget Sound.

But, like any facet of your property, panels need professional attention in order to perform at full potential. Our technicians are a source for qualified cleaning services that protect the long-term performance on your panels – and enhance curb appeal, too!

After installing your solar panels, reach out to the professionals at Window Cleaning & More to discuss your cleaning needs. We’ll advise a maintenance schedule that delivers benefits that encompass:

  • Up to 30% better energy efficiency
  • Long-term performance and functionality
  • A clean, polished aesthetic

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Solution

Solar panels require specialized cleaning care in order to deliver results safely and effectively. Our professionals utilize a process that includes:

  • Water-fed pole cleaning system that lets us safely clean your panels from the ground – our technicians will never navigate walking on your roof, which could hurt your installation
  • Detergent-free cleaning that cleans your panels without depositing buildup that could compromise efficiency
  • Solar panel cleaning technicians who have been trained specifically to clean this unique technology

Unleash the full potential of your solar panels – and let Window Cleaning & More support you! Contact us today to discuss your home’s solar panel cleaning project.