Paver Cleaning

Just Like New With Window Cleaning & More

Pavers aren’t just a functional part of your property – they’re a statement piece. Window Cleaning & More offers paver cleaning services that will ensure you get the most out of this beautiful space.

The Puget Sound’s weather and exposure to the elements takes its toll on pavers. Without proper maintenance, your hardscapes will lose their original color, separate from one another, and adopt a careworn look. In other words, they’re a far cry from curb appeal.

The Window Cleaning & More team will take professional measures to ensure that your pavers return to their ‘just like new’ condition. Our approach includes:

  • Low Pressure Washing that will carefully remove dirt, mold, algae, dust, and other unwanted buildup. We use environmentally safe cleansers that will achieve the best results without ever putting your surrounding landscaping at risk.
  • Restructuring Solutions that will remove any weed growth between pavers and bring them back together again.

Window Cleaning & More is proud to offer professional paver cleaning solutions that will make your entire property shine. Experience the difference!