Moss Treatment

Black streaks. Green patches. A full putting green. If any of these are on your roof you just may have a moss or algae problem. Under optimal conditions your roof, specifically your roof shingles should last 15 to 20 years. But there are many things that can prevent your roof from living a good long life.

Constant Attack

You may not realize it but your roof is under constant attack from mother nature. On their own your roof is built to withstand drenching rains, scorching sun, freezing ice and snow. But sometimes moisture can become trapped in the crevices of your shingle and algae and moss spores can land and bloom. When this happens it is imperative that you act quickly. Algae and moss will deteriorate the lifespan of your roof, what’s more, there are certain algae (ever seen blacks streaks “running” down a roof) that actually FEED on the minerals in roof shingles! These can destroy the waterproofing function of your roof, allowing water to pass into your attic and allow conditioned air to seep out. Leading to higher energy costs and eventually the need to replace the entire roof. Ouch!

Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment

The best way to prevent this scenario from unfolding on your roof is to have your roof cleaning performed at regular intervals along with the application of a moss killing agent yearly (or bi-annually). Not only will your roof look great but the action of the roof cleaning sweeps away any spores or growing moss and algae from your roof while the killing agent makes your roof a very inhospitable area for any future spores that may land on your roof. When done by the professionals at Window Cleaning & More, roof cleaning and moss treatment is a simple procedure that will save you thousands of dollars in potential repairs!