When is it time to get my gutters cleaned?

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, your gutters aren’t just a benefit to your home: They’re a necessity. The Puget Sound region gets about 150 rainy days each year. And your property needs to be prepared for the weather.

Your gutters are your lifeline to a healthy home. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to schedule a gutter cleaning service, you can use these points to guide you:

  • Are there leaves and debris poking out of your gutters?
    This is a telltale sign that your gutters are clogged up.
  • Does your roof have a lot of tree cover?
    The more tree cover you have, the quicker your gutters will get clogged with debris.
  • Can you remember the last time you got your gutters cleaned?
    An annual service is the minimum for most homes.
  • Have you noticed water accumulation around your foundation?
    This typically means that your gutters are clogged and rainwater is flooding over.
  • Do you see mold?
    Mold thrives in moisture and cool, dark areas – and gutter buildup is a prime spot.

Still wondering whether your home needs a gutter cleaning solution? Give Window Cleaning & More a call! We’ve been serving homes in Washington for years, and we know what care yours needs to maintain its quality.

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