Rust Removal

Rust Removal

No one is excited to see rust on their property. But in our moist Pacific Northwest climate, it’s an unfortunate yet inevitable issue. Window Cleaning & More provides the alternative to a lifetime of eyesores and health risks.

Why Worry About Rust?

Sure, rust is an eyesore. The red-orange stain is anything but attractive, and it can instantly make a brand new property look careworn and dilapidated. But it’s also a huge health and safety risk. When your property has rust, you’re in jeopardy of facing:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents: The buildup can be notoriously slippery, resulting in harm to pedestrian and vehicle traffic alike.
  • Compromised Groundwater: Rust often seeps into runoff, which contaminates groundwater and damages your water source. It also directly conflicts with the EPA Clean Water Act.

Our Rust Stain Removal Solution

Window Cleaning & More has the ability to remove even the most stubborn rust stains from your property. Our approach is effective on virtually any surface, including vinyl siding, window frames, concrete, and brick. What’s more, our solution mitigates the effects of rust triggered by meta, battery acid, or landscaping fertilizer.

Our team exclusively uses a commercial grade cleaning solution called F9. When applied by our professional technicians, F9 eliminates even the most obstinate rust issues. The cleanser first breaks down the buildup, then mitigates the stain, so that our clients are left with a clean, clear, and curb appeal ready solution.

Every property deserves to be safe, healthy, and beautiful. Window Cleaning & More is proud to deliver that result to our Pacific Northwest clients with our rust removal solutions. Take advantage of your convenient rust removal service and get started with a free estimate today!